• Our biggest challenge as the Maker of Acrylic PlexiPics?

    Posted on April 11, 2012 by in print on acrylic

    The biggest challenge that we face is marketing PlexiPics because the process is so new that few people have ever seen a print on acrylic or a print on plexiglass.  This new printing  direct to acrylic or plexiglass process was developed in just the last couple of years and requires a printer costing in the range of a quarter of a million dollars.  Obviously this is a huge investment which limits the number of vendors and print companies that have this capability.  Along with the initial machinery costs comes the challenge to market the product due to its’ newness.  People are familiar with canvas and photo paper but are often reluctant to try a new, innovative print product without seeing it first hand.

    Therein lies our biggest challenge – how to best market a visual product when a picture does not do it justice.  A couple of good analogies would be looking at a picture of the Grand Canyon and then seeing it in person.  The picture pales by comparison to seeing the real thing.  Another visual comparison could be seeing a 3d movie for the first time.  Nothing could have prepared you.  A PlexiPics is much the same.  A picture of a PlexiPics loses so much when reproduced in the normal printing process or online pictures.  Putting a PlexiPics beside a regular photo paper processed picture using same picture is the best method of seeing how PlexiPics explode with color and clarity.

    The picture below shows the dynamic differences in clarity and color using the same picture file but processing the file in two ways.  The top picture is a standard photo process on HP photo paper.  The lower picture is an acrylic print PlexiPics which clearly shows the vibrancy and color pop resulting from printing direct to acrylic.

    PlexiPics Acrylic Print and Image Floater

    Regular Picture on top and Plexipics Acrylic Print on bottom

    Whether a memorable travel shot, a sports picture your MVP, a picture of your favorite pet or even a bridal portrait, PlexiPics will absolutely amaze you.  And with the companies 100% satisfaction guarantee you can be assured that the folks at PlexiPics.com will work diligently to make you happy.  An acrylic photo or a plexiglass photo by www.PlexiPics.com will become your favorite way to display all of your wonderful digital images in their best light.